Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hostage to Momus

(cross-posted from 2x3x7)

Those of you who are the anal detail-oriented type may have noticed that as of today this site has a new link on the sidebar - a link to a site called Momus.

Here's the thing. I'm starting to get a little tired of Blogger. I seem to have difficulties with it at least twice a week and despite the fact that I've now got categories working fairly well - they're still a pain. So I've decided to try out Wordpress instead.

As a first step towards that, I've created a new blog (titled Momus, see Wikipedia for why) and shifted all my posts from here to Momus. My plan is to maintain both blogs for this month, and then, assuming that Momus works out, move permanently to Wordpress (I'm also considering shifting 2x3x7 to Wordpress [1], but I'm going to see how this Momus thing works and then decide).

This also means, btw, that you can check out an alternate template on the Wordpress site and tell me if you like that better.

[1] Actually, 2x3x7 has already been shifted to Wordpress, I'm just not updating it for now.


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